PICK-UP Secret Dinner 26.02.21

PICK-UP Secret Dinner 26.02.21

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Tel Aviv Secret Dinner!

If you can’t come to us, we will come to you! 
bringing the restaurant to your door step. 
We created a very special dinner menu ( with some new dishes) 
that will bring Tel Aviv to your house. 

A menu that includes: 
4 starters 
2 mains 
1 bottle of V i n o
3.5 hour playlist that was created just for you (on Spotify) 
And a small gift 🎁 😎 

What do we need more in this crazy time?!

Limited boxes available! 

All vegan of course! 

Pick-Up available Friday 26.02.2021 between 17h and 19h at the Donner Bar, Max-Brauer Allee 279.